Snowshoe Cat Society page of Snowshoe Cats & Kittens
Snowshoe Cat Society page of Snowshoe Cats & Kittens
Snowshoe Cat Society page of Snowshoe Cats & Kittens
Breaking News! Next Show Date!
We are delighted to announce that the new Show date will be Sunday 6th April 2014 when we will be sharing the venue (Aldersley Leisure Complex, Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV6 9NW) with Midland Counties Cat Club and the breed clubs who normally share with us.

This will give Snowshoes and all the SH breeds (inc Exotics, British, Burmese, Orientals, Siamese SH Somalis and Nebelungs if still in Assessment, HPs and Ped Pets) an opportunity to enter for TWO certificates and we will actually have a choice of which 2 judges we enter under.

Before anyone asks...No!...competing for 3 certificates on the day will not be allowed.
Snowshoe Intermediate Certificates
Intermediate Certificates

These are offered to the first prize winners in the Adult and Neuter Open classes for Provisional status breeds.

At the Supreme Show, if a Provisional status breed wins a Best of Variety or a Supreme Certificate, this counts as an Intermediate Certificate.

Three Intermediate Certificates from three different judges do not give the cat any title, but make it a "qualifier" eligible to help its breed to progress to the coveted full championship status. These certificates may be won as entire or neutered adults, so a cat may have won one before being neutered and the other two after his or her operation.

Please send your qualifying results to our breed recorder. Once qualified your cat will be listed on our website.
SCS first Show 5th January 2013 Results
Our First SCS Show was a success with good spirit and turn out of Snowshoes. Well done to everyone who took part.

Snowshoe Cat Society Overall best in Show - Overall Judge: Mrs M Buckeridge - Coldenufforsnow Valloir (83aw) - owned by Miss Kelly Cruse and bred by Mollie Southall

Adult Best In Show

Kitten Best In Show

Neuter Best In Show
SCS Show to be held Jan 5th 2013!
We are delighted that the second Snowshoe Cat Society show will take place on 5th January 2013.....what better way to start a new year!!
Once again we are with the Shorthaired Cat Society, so Snowshoes can enter both shows. However if you cannot attend the show perhaps you might like to show your support for our club by sponsoring a class or two, making a donation to the show, taking an advert in the show catalogue, offering a raffle prize or special prizes to the winners.

For more information please contact our show manager Lynda Ashmore 01142 586 866/
Snowshoe Breed gets Promoted with GCCF! 08/11/12
Congratulations to the Snowshoes on achieving breed promotion to Provisional Status with the unanimous approval of the Council Meeting of 24.10.12. It takes effect from 24.2.13, four calendar months following the Council decision. After that date Intermediate Classes should be offered at shows, judged to the revised SOP; and the new Registration Policy will be applied.
Inaugral breed show Saturday January 7th, 2012.

The Snowshoe Cat Society held its FIRST BREED SHOW on the above date.
There were 17 Snowshoes entered in three sections, Adult, Kitten & Neuters.
Ages ranged from 15 weeks to 5.5 years old. It was quite breathtaking to see
so many beautiful Snowshoes all together at one time.

The show also welcomed three visitors, Em from Ireland who shows her Snowshoe
male neuter with both GCCF and GCCFI. The other two visitors were Robert and Ilse,
Snowshoe breeders and exhibitors from Croatia. All were delighted to be with us on
this very special day.

The show was organised by our club chairman, Lynda Ashmore as part of the
Joint Clubs Show which she organises and included another six breed clubs.


BIS Adult: COLDENUFFORSNOW FOX. Owned and bred by Mollie Southall.

BIS Kitten: ICEGEMS SPINNING BOY. Owner Janet Ryan / Breeder Anne Jones.

BIS Neuter: ADVISH ICE-MAIDEN. Owner Mollie Southall / Breeders John Clark
and Lesley White.
Cheshire Area Cat Club show November 12th 2011
Mike Wrigley's boy Icegems Blue Steel won his Merit was placed 1st and won BOB

Janet Ryan's boy Icegems Spinning Boy was 2nd and also awarded a Merit

Blue Steel also went on to cover himself in Glory by becoming Best in Show Foreign kitten.

Both kittens were bred by Anne Jones.

Snowshoe Adult Assessment Adult – Judge: Mrs N Johnson
BOB 1st & Merit – FROSTISOX BLUESTAR (83aw)

Congratulations to all concerned !!
History in the making........
OCTOBER 15th 2011 marked a UK first for the Snowshoe breed.

Coldenufforsnow Haiku attended the CRAOV (Coloupointed Rex coated and AOV) Cat Club show where she achieved 1st in her breed class, was awarded a Merit, Best of Breed and acquitted herself well in her side classes.
She then topped the day of nicely by being selected Best in Show Foreign Kitten by Mrs L Stevenson.

The Snowshoes have previously been awarded Best of Assessment breeds, but this was a UK first for them to receive a Best in show Foreign award against all the Championship breeds.
There were 4 other quality contenders, so not a 'walk over' class.

Warmest Congratulations to 'Koo and her delighted owner/breeder Mollie Southall of the Coldenufforsnow Cattery.

Lynda Ashmore
Chairman Snowshoe Cat Society UK.
TICA Western Europe Snowshoe Cat of the year 2010/2011!
Congratulations to TICA CH Alfacentory Crystalline (Pandora)owned by Tazmin Mee of Snowtonks.

Pandora is now the TICA Western Europe Snowshoe Cat of the year 2010/2011!
Two Shows in one day for Snowshoes - 08.01.2011
Here's a great opportunity to enter your Snowshoe cat in two shows on the same day. You can enter the SH Cat Society and also the Rex Cat Association show.

Shows Close 30th November 2011 or before as limited spaces!

Rex Cat Association Entry Form
Schedule: Schedule

Shorthaired Cat Society Schedule
Entry Form
Russian Blue Breeder Assoc Show 2nd Oct 2010
A Fabulous day for Mollie at Coldenufforsnow having a red card day for all 3 cats. Coldenufforsnow Yukiko collected her 12th merit! Coldenufforsnow Fox was awarded her merit, got best in variety and Best in show assessment! Pedigree pet "odd eyed white cat masquerade won best pedigree pet 2010!

Well done to Mollie at coldenufforsnow and her 3 fabulous cats!
Have just received exciting news from TICA (The International Cat Association)

Champion Coldenufforsnow Yukiko is The International Cat Associations best blue pointed

I am of course delighted about this achievement. Still got to get my feet back on the ground.
She on the other hand/paw does'nt seem in the least impressed!
from ..... 'head still spinning' ..... Mollie, very proud breeder and owner of this lovely cat.
July 2010
Flying The Flag for Snowshoes at Midland Counties Show
We've been flying the banner today at the Midland Counties Cat Club show at Wolverhampton!

Two snowshoes were present, Coldenufforsnow Yukiko and her son, Coldenufforsnow Cabazon.

Both had a 'red card' day. Yukiko won in a class of 7 'any variety breeders female' which included a Grand
Champion and a Champion. Cabazon won in a class of 7 'any variety kitten 6-9 months'. Mother and son both
having a 'red card 'day at the same show ..... I think this is a Red Letter day for the Snowshoes! I was sooo
pleased with them both. Mollie at
Abyssinian Cat Club 26/06/10
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Congratulations to Aldo at his first Show in Croatia
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